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How can I go from one debate it forum to the other?

At the top of the page, just below the time stamp, you will see a pull down menu which will allow you to go from one forum to another.

How can I see the guys I’m following Top Hockey Picks?

Once you “follow” a user, their picks will be placed and ranked from their highest confidence pick to their lowest.

How come I’m not listed in the TOP SCORERS or MOST FOLLOWED page?

1) Users must be active and have made picks on the site in last 15 days. If the user has not made their picks for more than 15 days, they will not be listed on the top scorer’s page.

2) Users must have more than or equal of 5 followers.

3) Users must have 5 or more picks in 63% to 72% range.

4) Users must have 5 or more picks in 73% to 100% range.

If all these 4 conditions are met, then user will be listed in “Top Scorer & Most Followed” page.

How do I earn a Cup?

Each time a user goes 4-0 or better with their picks; they receive a mention in the “Honor Roll” section and they get a Cup in their trophy case in their “my account” page.

How does work?

Once a user signs up, they are asked to predict with the “confidence meter”, how confident they are on that team winning their game vs. their opponent.

Confidence Meter Chart

51% to 54% = Somewhat Confident, but it’s almost a coin flip in my view!
55% to 62% = Pretty Confident, but I didn’t do any research, all gut feeling!
63% to 72% = Feeling Very confident, I’ve done some research on this game.
72% to 100% = Very High Confidence, it’s my Lock of the Day!

How does the “Your Confidence Level” work?

Once you’ve started making picks with the “confidence meter” on each game, the system will monitor and give us an average of your overall confidence level. The “Your Confidence Level” display is situated above the first matchup box. This tells us how “low or high” your confidence picks is on each game. Then, once you save your picks, your confidence level will be recorded and added to the entire communities.

*Tip: The more honest you are about making your picks, the better it is for the overall big picture of producing winning picks.

How does The Debate it Forum work?

Once you’ve made and saved your picks, the “confidence meter” will turn into a debate it button. Once you click on the Debate it button, you can share your comments on that game and tells us why you like your pick on that game. The Debate it matchup page will display the community confidence level of that game and it will show the users you are following, along with their picks and confidence levels.

How does the Gold, Silver and Bronze ranking work in the “daily record” area?

Once a member makes their picks, we collect the data and the team with the highest confidence level will be called the Gold Pick, the second highest confidence level pick will get the Silver and the bronze pick goes to the team with the lowest winning percentage.

How does the Rink Rat system work?

Get a detailed report here.

I made a comment in the debate it forum yesterday, where can I find that post?

In our view, yesterday is old news and we want to concentrate on the next 24hrs. Once the sun comes up in the morning, we start fresh with new forums and matchups. All data is deleted at 3am EST.

What does it mean “followers”?

If you’re an active user in the debate it forum, people will be more encourage to follow your hockey picks and click on your “follow my picks” link. To see how many people are on your bandwagon, just click on the “followers” link at the top of the page.

What does it mean “following (xx)”?

When you go into a debate it forum, you can read other users comments and if you like their style, then you can follow their picks each day by clicking the “follow” link beside their username. Once you’ve clicked on their “follow” link, just hit the “following” link at the top of the page and it will show you all the picks of the users you are following.

When I click on “View Picks” are those my picks?

No, they are the picks and confidence level of the entire hockey community who have made their predictions for that day. You can view your picks by clicking on the “following” link at the top and you’re picks will be displayed first.

When I’m in the debate it forum, I see a website beside the users name?

Yes, we believe in networking and encourage users to promote their website.

Why can’t my Confidence Level go past 72%?

If we don’t put a cap on your confidence level, most people will put 100% and it will not reflect the true confidence of their selection. The more honest you are with your confidence, the better it is for the overall community.

Why is the Bronze Pick selected by the lowest winning percentage?

The Gold and Silver picks will mostly be teams who are the top teams in the standings and for people who want 3 picks for their Pro Lines or parlays, the Bronze pick will be a good underdog pick.